Tiger Zone

Apple ships Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger tomorrow and I've already written quite a lot about it.

On Personal Tech Pipeline, you can read an overview and review that's focused on the "pro-sumer": a sophisticated consumer who probably already runs Panther and is interested in whether the upgrade is worthwhile.

In Saturday's Seattle Times, you'll read Jeff Carlson and my more mainstream take on Tiger focusing on a few key features that we think most people will be interested in.

On Monday, TidBITS runs its Tiger coverage, which is aimed at a dedicated Macintosh audience, with a lot of folks who support Macs in networked environments in companies, at home, and in education. They'll want to know about the bits and pieces that general coverage has missed.

It's a good release, and I've already run it on my PowerBook and Power Mac (using extra hard drives--I got smart this time around) and have seen none of the instability in late Panther releases nor any of the problems with RAM that bedeviled me then.

Still, I plan to run Tiger only from a secondary drive at work and an external drive on my PowerBook until I'm sure there are no gotchas. With Panther, I lost about 20 hours through reinstalls and other troubleshooting problems, and wound up spending about $200 more than necessary for RAM upgrades.

Ben Unwedged

Ben ReachBen has been sleeping on a wedge since he was a few weeks old due to acid reflux--what's fortunately a pretty easily treatable condition for infants these days. We go to a compounding pharmacy which mixes up tutti-frutti flavor with unpalatable Zantac syrup under prescription and he has been very happily taking it for some time. It doesn't stop spit up, don't get me wrong. But it reduces acid production, so he could eat without a sour tummy and it stopped a lot of complaining from the acid in his stomach and throat.

He hit some milestone a few weeks ago as we see virtually no spitup beyond a curd or two on an average day. If you're not a parent, you have no idea what a milestone that is. The burp clothes you've been carrying around with you like religious vestments for months stop being so important (until he does a real blurp after days of none).

The wedge was made under prescription, too, at Children's Hospital in Seattle. it's a 45-degree angle piece of firm foam with supports glued on and straps on it so you can keep the baby from rolling out of it. It has a sizeable shelf for the butt so they don't slip their way down, either.

The morning before last I hear some real unhappy yelling from his room at about 6.45 am. I figure, that unhappy, he gets up--no questions about "is he just talking" or what have you. I find him sideways on the wedge. He hasn't hit his head and is perfectly safe. But that's the end of the wedge.

As with other transitions for Ben, like moving out of room into his own, sleeping in a crib, napping without being rocked to sleep, and not sleeping or napping in a swaddle, he made a pretty quick transition. (He still doesn't nap consistently during the day nor for long periods, but his nights are the stuff of which parents' dreams are made.)

It's been two daytimes and one overnight that he's slept on his mattress, and he's doing quite well. His most recent nap I watched on our little black-and-white baby monitor, and he managed to rotate himself 180 degrees (head towards the window to head away from it) over 45 minutes of playing and complaining before passing out.

Contemporary with this change are teeth 3 and 4. Teeth 1 and 2, middle lower incisors, came in three months ago. Not fun days. Tooth 3 appeared a few days ago, explaining a lot of unrest, red cheeks, and random squalls. This morning, during a changing when I couldn't understand his unhappiness, I see the pressure marks of tooth 4 pushing through. So he'll have his top and bottom middle incisors looking like a great dangerous bunny.

The Death of GoLive

I'm sorry, I meant to title this item, Adobe Buys Macromedia, but you get the picture. Since Adobe purchased Aldus several years ago, Macromedia and Adobe have wound up offering almost entirely complementary product lines. Adobe tried to get into multimedia authoring a few times and flailed. Macromedia wanted in on lucrative photo editing and other design tools.

But Adobe has the leading image editor, vector editor, and page-layout tool. (Quark has become a number two player in page layout by all measures, despite recent technological improvements.) Macromedia has the leading multimedia authoring tools (several) for interactive content hosted on computers or the Internet, the leading Web design tool, and several server products. They overlap only on Web design (Dreamweaver versus GoLive; the market abandoned GoLive about three years ago) and vector editing (FreeHand versus Illustrator, where the commitment to FreeHand seemed to lag several years ago).

Morality Routing

The key words "SHALT", "SHALT NOT", "SMITE", and "PILLAR OF SALT" in this document are to be interpreted as expected.... It may be the case that the authors of Internet-Drafts have no or few morals. This does not relieve them of their duty to understand the consequences of their actions.--RFC 4041

Replay TV Time Distortion

Lynn and I are watching recorded television programs on our ReplayTV and see an ad for a show we want to watch. It says, "premiering tomorrow!" Lynn says, "I don't know when tomorrow is." (Turns out tomorrow was last week.)

Later: Lynn turns to me as and says, "I'm reading your blog. I now get your RSS feed, and I'm reading myself." I reply, "I'll blog that!"

Can you crystallize blogging any further than this post? I doubt it. And it being April Fool's Day just adds to the experience.

Mitch Hedberg Dies

It's hard to explain why I'm so sad hearing about the death of Mitch Hedberg. He was my age, sure, so there's empathy and selfishness in hearing about his death. But he was a damn funny guy, and very talented and charming. My wife and I saw him perform in Seattle a few years ago and left a little depressed: he had been pretty hilarious, but it was so clear that he was an alcoholic. He was stealing drinks from tables adjacent to the stage (with the drinks' owners' permission). They don't know whether drugs or alcohol were involved in his heart failure, but it's just damned sad.