Hospital Room or Observation Center

Perspective on our hospital delivery and stay last week.

To Lynn and I: We are in a hospital for a couple of days for Lynn to recover from her caesarean section. It's a comfortable room, and the care is great.

To Ben: Mommy and daddy, for reasons I don't need to know, are staying in a room that gives them an excellent view of a 15-story crane, and a massive construction site.

To Rex: Freedom, terrible freedom.

No Singing, Please

In the bath tonight, after I took Ben to an after-hours doctor visit (he's fine; just has a virus):

Lynn: [singing] Goofball, Armor Goofball, What kind of kid likes Armor Goofball?

Ben: Want to stay here instead.

Lynn: Instead of what?

Ben: I don't want to hear singing.

Lynn: Okay.

Ben: Okay.

Daddy: [fallen on floor, laughing hard, can't readily rejoin]

Home with the Family

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Rex is back home with the family, though he prefers to sleep. He's slept about 16 or more of the last 24 hours, which is not unusual, and is eating well. Ben appears delighted here, and I think Rex's quietness, and his novelty are still kind of cool to Ben.