And on the B Side...

Apparently, based on what Ben has been reciting the last couple of days, he is learning a song at day care called, "Eeble Weeble." The B side would be the comment he made this evening: "Most people ride on white dogs." We can't wait to hear the real song at a potluck next week.

Big Bundle of Mac eBooks

My good friends at Take Control Ebooks, which publish my several books on wireless networking, Mac OS X file sharing, and other subjects, are having a massive blowout sale this month. They're bundling several ebook titles together into affinity groups--the first being a lump o' Tiger help: upgrading, customizing, users and accounts, syncing, passwords, maintaining, and AirPort networking -- seven ebooks for $22 with the coupon code CPN70205MOAS1. Or follow this link.