LeVar Burton isn't just an actor whose face has been prominent on our television for about 25 of the last 30-odd years, he's also a blogger, twitterer, tech head, and (via his online personae) a charming guy who loves his fans. He also just quit smoking, and deserves kudos for going public with it to get additional positive reinforcement.LeVar's one problem? He's not the No. 1 Google match for LeVar. Here's some link love from me.


Last night, Rex is sitting on my lap, and Ben wanders over and whispers in my ear (making my ear all wet), "Mommy is making pancakes for dinner."Of course, Rex's ear is about 5 inches from Ben's mouth. Ben wanders off and Rex turns around to whisper in my ear: "Pancakes...." I don't know why it was so funny. It was that they both whispered, I guess.

It's All in The Timing

We're eating dinner tonight, and having a lovely time. Lynn is in the first day of a cold, but she's feeling generally ok. The boys are well after what seems like weeks of colds and coughs. Rex is cackling about things.Then he starts to whisper. I'm sitting next to him, but I can't hear what he's saying. So I lean in and say, "Rex, what are you saying?" And, in a stage whisper he says, "Treat coming." I laughed so hard I had to stand up, then crouch, holding on to an armchair. Treat coming! And it was. Some cake left from Ben's 4 1/2 birthday on Wednesday. Treat coming. 3291597849_e2d7618747.jpg