I was leaving for work a few days ago, and had the following dialog with Ben.

Ben: Daddy's going to work in his workshop.
Me (slightly confused): How do you figure, Ben?
Ben: Daddy works in a workshop.
Me (looking at Lynn): Where do you know about workshops?
Ben: Mr. Fix It has a workshop. [Richard Scarry's Mr. Fix It.]
Me: Oh. Well, daddy doesn't have a workshop. Daddy works in a wordshop.
Ben: Wordshop.
Me: Daddy fixes words. I make and fix words.
Lynn: You don't exactly make words.
Me: Well, I put words together.
[eight hours later, on opening the door]
Ben: Did you fix words?!

(Format stolen from John Moe.)

Weekly Radio Gig

I was outed by colleague Brier Dudley in today's Seattle Times about a new gig I have. I'll be talking about technology as a guest of host Megan Sukys every Wednesday at 2.07 pm for 12 1/2 minutes on KUOW-FM's The Beat starting Jan. 24. I've been appearing on John Moe's show The Works (Tuesdays at 8 pm) on a regular but nowhere near weekly fashion since its start in 2004. John accepted a full-time job with Weekend America, a very fun show hosted by former Seattlite and KOUW-er Bill Radtke out of L.A., but John will work from Seattle.

I'm basically ecstatic to be on KUOW at any time--I'm a public radio nut and a long-time fan of the station--so it's rather hard to describe how excited I am at a regular weekly guest slot. I'll be talking tech, so I welcome any Seattle-focused technology ideas.