If you're in media relations and want to pitch me a story, I'm very often delighted to hear from you. But here's some information about me that would be useful to you in your job so you don't send me story pitches I'll never write about, and I then wind up ignoring emails from you that are on point as a result. (As with many reporters, my inbox is often crammed with pitches, and if I replied to all of them, I couldn't make a living.)

While I have been a freelance writer for many publications in the past, I am currently devoting nearly all my time to two publications: as an editor at large at The Wirecutter and as a columnist and podcast host at Macworld.

, I write the Mac 911 user-help column and a column on privacy and security for Macworld called Private I. I'm also the weekly co-host of the Macworld podcast. I also contribute regularly to the Economist, Macworld, Fast Company, Six Colors, TidBITS, and Boing Boing.

My key areas of interest and what I file about most frequently:

  • Security, privacy, and encryption
  • Mac and iOS apps and third-party hardware
  • Nanosatellites, regular-sized satellites, and space probes
  • Wireless communication (Wi-Fi, cellular, space, whatever)
  • In-flight Internet

My areas of coverage vary enormously, but you can typically find me interested in stories in which a company or product is a piece of a bigger story. I rarely file straight news reports, and thus an ordinary business event (quarterly earnings, a product update, etc.) will very rarely be something I can write about.

While I do give out my phone number for coordinating calls and such, it is vastly, vastly better to email me. Since I almost never cover breaking news, I'm often working on 5 to 10 stories simultaneously with delivery dates out from a few days to a few weeks. It's much better to email me to gauge interest before we try to talk by phone. You're welcome to email me at

Please note, as it's a frequent question: I cannot help you find the appropriate staff writer or editor at a publication to pitch. That's a question for the publication, and you should contact editors there directly.

Thank you!