A self-consistent statement

Dr. Muqtedar Khan wrote a beautiful open letter to his fellow Muslims about the hypocrisy of justifying any part of the WTC/Pentagon actions. He picks apart several issues to address separately, rather then lumping them into the same pot. One point he raises that I have seen discussed almost nowhere else:

The Israeli occupation of Palestine is perhaps central to Muslim grievance against the West. While acknowledging that, I must remind you that Israel treats its one million Arab citizens with greater respect and dignity than most Arab nations treat their citizens. Today Palestinian refugees can settle and become citizens of the United States but in spite of all the tall rhetoric of the Arab world and Quranic injunctions (24:22) no Muslim country except Jordan extends this support to them.

This has always been a personally difficult point for me. As badly as Israel has and continues to behave, and as tragically as Palestinians have suffered and responded, I have never understood why other Muslim and Arab states consistently refused to give Palestinians citizenship and permanent refuge. Given the number of Palestinians who have settled in the U.S., there must be some number greater than zero who would gladly give up the strife.