iPod is oneWay

The New York Times reports this morning in a tidbit that the author extracted from Steve Jobs and I haven't seen elsewhere that the company's new iPod only synchronizes one way: that is, you can download new music from one machine to your iPod, but not from the iPod up to another machine. This makes some sense, as it's minimal copy protection. And because you can use the iPod as a plain hard drive, you could use a simple Synchronization program and the drive side to move files from home to work to a latop and back. But it does decrease the utility, especially given the size of the drive. My girlfriend and my CD collection ripped into 128 kbps 16-bit MP3s via iTunes is 25 Gb. Maybe Apple needs to introduce the iCan iFlippin iBackup iMy iFiles with an 'ighCapacity iTapeDrive, guvnor?