Man in a Wireless Suitcase

My New York Times article on the continued deployment of wireless 802.11b networks in U.S. and Canadian airport appears in Thursday's Circuits section, though you can link to it now. (A secret: Circuits posts its content by mid-afternoon on Wednesday without linking to it from the Circuits home page. Enter, replacing yyyy, mm, and dd with that Thursday's year, month, and date.)

This article arose out of some good serendipity. I continually talk to the wireless ISPs and other folks involved in this fine industry. It seemed to me the time was ripe post-Sept. 11 to talk about whether we were gaining or losing service in airports, and I found to my surprise that companies hadn't scaled back their efforts overall. Rather, they paused, regrouped, and continued in a more conservative way. Simultaneously, the airport authorities, the government bodies that operate airports, realized that their best bet for reliable, long-term service was slow and easy, and so eased their requirements.