Faux Turkey

As Thanksgiving approaches, I plot my non-meat dish. I'm a pesca-vegetarian: I eat fish, but not other meat (no fowl, pork, beef, or other Norman words for food). In 1996, I had a Tofurky feast, which was a mixed bag: the Tofurky was okay itself, and the tempeh drumsticks were terrific. The gravy was inedible and the fourth item was so strange I can't recall it. I participated in beta testing Tofurky 1997, which featured an odd little turkey shaped tofu lump and some other pieces that weren't so terrific.

They've persisted at Turtle Island Foods, however, and I now love their Tofurky lunch meat. I spotted the Tofurky 2001 in the local Whole Foods the other day, as well as the Unturkey from the superbly named Now & Zen. (I've spotted Now & Zen products on United Airlines's flights in my vegetarian meal, but given that United is now not serving meals in coach on flights of less than 3 1/2 hours, this will cramp my veggie style.)

My main question, though, is why has no one introduced the Faux Turkey brand?