Free, Free, Set Me Free

The blogrolling today has been sort of hilarious. I was reading an update to Paul Boutin's Web log via Radio Userland (it can read XML-based subscription files). He was pointing out to me via his Web log that I should look at an update on his Web log. How funny.

He thought I'd find the reference via my referral logs for 802.11b Networking News. When I checked those statistics, I found a reference to The End of Free. I posted a note to the 802.11b log the other day asking for voluntary contributions to raise the level of reportage I could put on the site.

Years ago, I raised some debate by asking for voluntary contributions to the Internet Marketing Discussion List (which is still archived here). This was about April 1995, as I recall it. The move prompted an article in the now-defunct New York Newsday (which was picked up by newspapers nationally). At the time, it was pretty odd to ask for or charge fees; now, a Web site's devoted to the fact. (Total haul so far? $27.50.)