Soul Inside (ding Ding ding DING)

Possibly the best use of money ever (outside of hunger relief and medical research) and critical to the future of the planet: Gordon and Betty Moore donate the multi-billion seed money for preserving species as humanity growth reaches its peak. The Wall St. Journal ran a wonderful story on it. Two excerpts:Gordon Moore, the co-founder and chairman emeritus of Intel Corp., has made the first down payment on a 30-year, $31 billion plan to prevent the mass extinction of species by saving crucial wilderness areas and biodiversity "hotspots."

...Environmentalists say the emergence of the new Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as a major funder of biodiversity protection will energize the field, in the same way, they say, that funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in recent years has revitalized global health efforts. Conservation International hopes to use Mr. Moore's gift, to be spread over 10 years, to attract an additional $1.2 billion in private money and $4.5 billion in public investments to complete the first phase of the long-term plan. Last year, the Moores committed $5 billion in Intel shares to endow the foundation.