Happiness is a Warm DSL and ReplayTV

Two good pieces of personal technology news: Covad emerges from bankruptcy shortly with a plan towards profitability and enough cash to reach it (home and work DSL is Covad + Speakeasy); my ReplayTV 4080 arrived a couple of days ago, and after hours of drilling and mess, I got an Ethernet cable connected and programmed the unit. It's slick. The on-screen design is beautiful, and the broadband connection makes it possible to transfer programs with other people.

Even better, there's a site called MyReplayTV that lets you program your unit remotely. Every time the unit connects (initiating the connection so that it's not exposed on the Net - I have it behind a DHCP/NAT combo), it carries out the tasks you handled through the Web site. You can delete programs, add items to record, modify your custom settings, and so on.