iBook Price Blowout

I don't usually post items of a purely price-based nature, but geesus m. christopher: MacConnection is offering the $1,200 Apple iBook for under $900. Here's the link, but you have to call to place the order, which is even weirder. Do they have a phalanx of incredible up-sell telemarketers who will sell you high-margin doodads?

The order info is in an image, so it can't be scraped, either: another way to escape the comparison engines, and possibly the ire of the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (discussed a few days ago in this space).

This is probably the best deal of all time for one of these puppies. It has a CD-ROM, not a DVD/CD-ROM or DVD-ROM/CD-RW. Otherwise, the specs are great. $200 of the rebate is instant; another $100 requires a form to be sent in to Apple. You have to buy the puppy by Dec. 31, 2001.