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Microsoft kindly sent me email warning about a security problem with the following advice: Thank you for using Microsoft� .NET Passport. Because Microsoft recognizes the importance of security and reliability when using Internet software, we have now made available free browser security upgrades to better protect your online information. We strongly recommend that you check now to see whether your browser needs one of these security upgrades by going to: .


The security problem is theirs, not ours. The advice is to upgrade to IE 6.0, which disables classic Netscape-style plug-in support. The answer is to fix major releases not force upgrades. The page that this directed me to provided this interesting detail for my OS X 10.1.2 Macintosh installation running IE 5.1 for OS X:

We have identified your Microsoft� Internet Explorer browser as older than version 5.5. A security patch that helps protect your online information is now available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0. Microsoft� MSN Explorer users should also install the security patch. To help keep your online information secure, please upgrade your browser now, and then install the latest security patch.

Bzzzzt! So they can't even figure out that I'm running their own browser on a Mac? Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Tell me again why I want to trust Microsoft with all my personal information through a simple login?