Day 2 of Macworld Expo

Yawn. Tired. My hotel room is in the luxurious Mosser Victorian Hotel. I'm only slgihtly joking. It's a neat hotel with bijou (read: tiny but pretty) rooms about two blocks from the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. My single room costs $79/night plus tax on special; a double is about $90/night. Their regular rates are $10/night more. They renovated the hotel in the last year (just finishing up now, obviously, with some new carpet being put down on the steps), and the renovation makes it an unbelievable bargain.

The downside: thin walls, a bit too much noise. The transom above the door to my room is unshaded, meaning that when I turn the lights off to sleep it's still quite bright. I bought a sleep mask yesterday and always travel with earplugs. But still, it's the only flaw in a cheap, clean room with a great shower and bath.

Why am I spending all this time talking about my hotel room? Because the show is dull as dishwater. Frankly, Apple could have put out a press release saying, "G4 chip in a small form factor and a connected LCD for $1,299 to $1,799" and that would have summarized the whole event. Companies are widely demonstrating new OS X versions of software. It's definitely a celebration of the coming of age of OS X.

But plain news can be boring unless you're involved in that specific industry (like 3D or video editing) or having a specific problem (like not being able to back up your OS X volumes via Retrospect).