I'm Back

I'm back from both California and a horrible hacker/hard drive problem. Because of a variety of reasons, we didn't have a good backup of our main Web/mail server. Hackers got in because I somehow had 1.2.27 instead of 1.2.31 of the openssh software running (I now have the very latest Red Hat built release installed). I beat the crackers out (I think it was just a script creating a zombie) and then accidentally trashed the drive. When I got back into this office this morning (after having restored email via forwarding over the weekend), I was able to run some Unix utilities and recover most of what I needed. Fortunately only the root partition was toast and it had just a handful of configuration files I was able to salvage to avoid rebuilding. The other partitions, with more useful stuff, were intact.

At some point, I'll even get back to work. I have a lot of work to do and the week spent at Macworld, while fun and useful, wasn't productive.