Henry Norr Reads My Mind

When people have asked me about how cool the new iMac looks in person (and a good question, given they may not ship until February now), I have to tell them that they're kind of horsey. This provokes the response: what do you mean horsey? I have to explain how in person, the base dominates the design, and makes the screen and neck seem like a scrawny top to a brutish bottom. They're not bad looking at all, and it's a nifty way to solve a lot of different problems and integrate the electronics and fan. But the proportion isn't right. I note that Henry Norr had the same observation:

Besides, the iMac's proportions strike me as a little out of whack -- the base unit, though only 10.6 inches in diameter, just looks too big (not in the photos, but when you see it "in person").

The photo point is good: because the monitor extends forward, a typical wide-angle lens that a photographer would use to shoot the iMac for a print publication makes the base foreshorten and look much smaller. I wonder if Apple has carefully been posing the unit with the neck far extended to emphasize that? They can't plan that much, and the screen is too easy to position. No, it's just an accidental side effect.