That's Hedley!

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Two years ago today Hedy Lamarr died. She was a bombshell and an inventor. My grandfather's cousin. Never met her. We shared some genes.

I salute her! She was one of two people who developed the early concept of spread-spectrum transmission, which was a technological advantage during dub-dub two, and is the basis of most kinds of short- and long-range data and voice transmission now, including my fave, Wi-Fi.

Oddly, my grandfather also had a remarkable cousin I never met: Irving Jaffe, a medal-winning speedskater. Jaffe competed in 1928 and 1932. He quietly had a first marriage and a daughter that the rest of the family was unaware of.

After the divorce, he remarried, and saw the daughter once again before he died. Her mother died young, in her 50s. She didn't know anything about the rest of her father's family.

In 1998, an article on him appeared in the New York Times; his daughter, a psychologist, had told her story to one of the great sportswriters at the Times, and he wrote about her and her father. Our family was astounded, and many of us got in touch. I was able to meet her on a trip to Ann Arbor that year. She and her husband are terrific, and somewhat overwhelmed at all the Fleishmans that came out of the woodwork.

Oddly enough, a few months later, my first article appeared in the New York Times, about using the Internet to research and deal with my cancer that I was successfully treated for that year. The Times: bringing families toghether?