Allow Myself to Introduce Myself

How did I miss David Weinberg's blog? David is an entertaining chap. He has big ideas which he slices into small piece which, when consumed, reconstitute themselves in your brain. It hurts, but it's a good kind of hurt, like acupuncture. (I read that the Chinese don't describe acupuncture as painful. I mentioned this to my Western naturopath at the time, and he said, yeah, but hey, they have a word for pain, it's just not the word they use for acupuncture. I don't find acupuncture painful precisely; there isn't an English word for having needles jabbbed in you. Masochism?)

David writes JOHO, the Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization, and is a Cluetrain co-author. He's a neat guy, too: I've had some fun email exchanges with him. He's a former professor, and has interesting ideas on education. I spend too much time (especially when you add that to the time I spend reading Doc's blog) reading his writing of all sorts. David has a new book about to come out that I am desperately trying to find the time to read the reviewer's proof of.