Egg Sucking

It may be impossible to hide one's true nature in a blog because even the most technical of blogs are personal endeavors. Thus, I have reasoned that Dan Bricklin is an awfully nice fellow. You merely need to read the way in which he writes about events, and the events he chooses to write about to feel that way. Dan is one of the inventors of the original spreadsheet program, VisiCalc, and he has continued to stay involved in software development in a career that spans decades.

A few days ago, I sent him a "gramma, I want you to suck an egg" note in which I expressed a great desire for permanent per-day links on his blog as I wanted to link to an item. He wrote back that they were working on it, and many others had had the same wish. Today he wrote that they put that feature into the combination of software that he uses to blog (some from his company Trellix, some from Pyra/Blogger, which Trellix invested in). You can read about what led him to this process at his first perma-link!.

Dan posted photos from Demo 2002, including some from the day before. If you scroll down to the photos of press, you'll see a picture with a couple of pals of mine: the fellow on the left I don't know, but then there's Pete Lewis (Personal Technology editor, Fortune; senior editor, Time Inc.), a mentor and buddy; Dan Gillmor (SJ Mercury tech columnist), who I've met and corresponded with several times; and Steve Manes (Forbes tech columnist), a Seattle-area colleague and friend. I recognize some other faces, but can't attach them. Lower in the page you'll see Dan Gillmor and his brother Steve. Steve writes a very smart column for InfoWorld - some of the most relevant writing in the IT magazine, side-by-side with Ed Foster's.