ReplayTV 4000 flaws (but I still love it)

Our ReplayTV 4080 started showing ads a couple days ago when the display is paused. Yup, ads. Riocentral: story and play your entire music collection. An ad from the parent company. Bad idea, dudes! This is viral marketing; how many of us see this and then want to tell our friends to go out and buy a unit?

My complaints about the unit:

1. Doesn't have a display to quickly show what's currently recording. (Hack: exit all programs and use Channel Up or Down, and it switches to the currently recording channel.)

2. Doesn't offer an extended list of conflict resolution when you have many programs that want to be recorded at once.

3. Doesn't have a simple, record this program once option.

4. Doesn't merge multiple programs with the same description.

5. Must delete programs individually; you can't tag programs and then hit delete. Tedious.

6. Can't review a list of upcoming scheduled recording.

7. It lacks a preference observation algorithm so it doesn't record on its own.

8. The distinction between guaranteed programs and not guaranteed ones is strange. If you guarantee a program, it's always recorded, but not always. It's unclear what limits unguaranteed programs.

9. No button to move a day ahead in the program schedule, which can span two weeks.

10. The low-res mode which gives you 80 hours needs to be improved. I hope they develop better algorithms (or 200 Gb hard drives become cheap).