LOC Units

From Reuters in the NY Times: Bell Labs said that, in a demonstration, it sent a massive 2.56 terabits of data per second over a distance of 2,500 miles, the equivalent of sending the contents of 2,560,000 novels every second across the United States.

Which novel? Berlin Alexanderplatz or Pale Fire? There are only a few novels I would like to read 2,560,000 times per second.

C'mon troubled journalists, how about something real instead of these increasingly specious examples? 2.56 terabits is about 25 terabytes or 25,000 Gb. A DVD movie fits on a 5 Gb format disk. So saying 5,000 feature-length DVD quality movies per second has more of an impact, and you can visualize it. (Also the 2.56 Tb figure doesn't discuss framing and error-correction, only raw bandwidth, so I'd be curious what the real throughput is.)