Every David Lynch Film Has...

I saw Mulholland Drive on Saturday and while my brain is still leaking out my ears and while I cannot, two days later, stop the images from trolling the depths of my psyche, I realized that this film has a number of hallmarks of Lynch. Hence, Every David Lynch Movie Has:

Dwarf in an underground area with curtains. (Can't find him in Blue Velvet.)

A twisted Roy Orbison song.

A woman singing solo for a long time while people watch and emotions play over their faces. (In Blue Velvet, it's Dean Stockwell, but close enough.)

A dead, typically decaying body shown over and over.

The ability to let you see through an insane person's eyes more precisely than you'd like.

Maniacal laughing.

An authentic character who speaks the truth in a stilted way, but is obviously trustworthy.


A figured covered in dirt.