C'mon, Eve, It's Just a Macintosh

Adam Curry points to this page that's supposed to be an objective analysis of media propaganda about evolution. The article reads like a parody, but I believe it's true. The author dismisses oceans of information and facts without a logical foundation, but then it gets funny. Apple named its Unix underlayment Darwin. Thus, OS X is godless and possibly Satanic. He starts to get hilarious when he connects typing chmod 666 (change a files status to read and write by user, group, and world) to anti-Christian sentiment.

This fellow misses an obvious explanation, the sort of Occam's Razor needed to look at this matter: a lot of people just plain don't care about Christianity or its symbolism, and many don't create things in response to them. He uses stalking horses like Richard Dawkins who is as religious in his atheism as fundamentalists are in their dogma. I refuse to exclude the possibility of the unknowable, as I doubt that I (or Dawkins) can individually and completely understand the nature of the universe with my own senses and capabilities. I can't transcend existence so why could I pretend that I comprehend existence?

The article is a hoot to read, though. He mentions that Jobs and Woz sold their first Apple for $666. Yeah, they were probably thumbing their nose at somebody. When you watch the early Monty Python, it is chock full of parody and outright ridicule of clerics and religion. I saw interviews with the cast more recently who couldn't quite recall why they were so obsessed and angry about it; probably the result of parochial school upbringing.