Spider-Man: Don't Take Your Kids, Please (PG-13)

I noted that fellow blogger Robert Scoble was talking about going to see Spider-Man tonight. I sent him an urgent email: don't take your kid! His son about eight, I think. The movie is an adult film, and, for instance, the PG-13 rating refers more to Clockwork Orange-style adult situations than the typical cartoony violence that kids are used to from video games and crappy films.

No, Spider-Man has terrifying existential moments. It's no spoiler since the origin myth is well known, but good people die, and not in a cartoony or overwrought fashion. As I note in my previous post, I cried several times in the film, but it was more about the pain of what people were going through.

Several single-digit and slightly older children had to leave the theater crying in the early part of the film. One child behind me, probably between 8 and 10, begged his mother to take him out of the theater. Those parents (and kids) did not return later!

The rating system is really a joke, but I wouldn't want a sub-13-year-old to see this movie. If you do, well, you're going to be dealing with nightmares, and, mommy, daddy, are you going to die, too? Is the Green Goblin going to come for you? For some time. The cross of realism and comic book further crossed with New York City makes it all too present.