Pushback on Spider-Man Warning

Interesting comments have come in from my warning to parents about the fear factor in the Spider-Man movie. All the remarks say, not too many deaths, our kids did fine. Perfectly reasonable, and exactly the kind of parenting that's delightful! They cared enough to think about it and check with their kids.

The death count wasn't what worried me. It was more the genuine anxiety that the film spawned when I watched it, and which obviously affected the kids whose parents had to get them out of the theater. It was both nightmare scary (the kind of stuff that can't happen, but makes you awake with a start in the middle of the night) and real-world scary (the kind of stuff that does happen, presented without any illusions).

Interestingly, the director had a third kind of cartoony violence/horror in the film, too. When Uncle Ben dies, it make me really choke up. When the aunt is threatened, I was almost sobbing: it crossed cartoon violence (the side of the house being torn off) with real violence (an elderly person pleading for safety). But then you had ridiculous, merely fun examples with the newspaper publisher (and, apparently, editor-in-chief) having his office blown in, nearly killed, and then flung aside, with no issue of broken bones or other problems. (Note the director's brother, Ted, as the assistant for Jameson.)