Clones Comments (no secrets, but some spoilage)

I saw Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones this morning. Hey, George Lucas remembered how to make a fun film with great effects! Gone is the tedious small-mindedness of the first film. Gone is the angelic and annoyingly flat child actor playing Anakin, and no mention of midi chloridians. ("Master Qui Jon, you keep talking about these midi chloridians. What are midi chloridians anyway?" "Well, Jimmy, you might remember me from such educational films as Two Minus Three Equals Negative Fun....").

Mercifully reduced in appearance and actually central to the plot: Jar-Jar Binks. Some extremely wooden acting in the first few scenes, but excellent fights and effects. The acting warms up quite a bit, and, you know, there's a real story there. Excellent visualization of some new aliens. A gladiator scene.

A lot of fun, even at 8 am on opening day. A very tired audience (friends offered me and my fiancee tickets, so we only had to get up at 6 am today, not 6 am Tuesday). One of Master Yoda's late appearances in the film got a huge round of applause. Oh, yeah, even Yoda is rehabilitated with meaningful dialog.