Making Radio Waves

I'm sitting here in the library on the MS Volendam using my Apple iBook to connect over Wi-Fi to a fiber optic link to a satellite uplink run by the concessionaire. I'm at the Geek Cruises MacMania conference.

The event so far: a blast. Doc Searls is to my left. Bare Bones Software head Rich Siegel two seats down. John de Lancie is in the building. Chatting with folks from Brazil at dinner. Food: fabulous. Cabin: marvelous. Lynn's happy, I'm happy, and we just left port at 5 pm.

This is possibly one of the geekiest and coolest things I've ever been part of. I lecture for three hours on wireless and Macintosh in a couple of days. We're heading up the Inside Passage of Alaska. Dogsledding in Juneau on Wednesday!