Mush, You Huskies

I should out be out on a glacier right now shouting, "Mush, you huskies, mush!" Instead, I am sitting on the ship reading email. It's fall Seattle weather here in Juneau, and high seas cancelled Lynn's kayaking trip and winds and bad conditions cancelled my doggie journey. I was supposed to be whisked away by helicopter to a glacier, ride with the dogs, and back. Instead, hot bus ride for 10 minutes to the airfield, donning special boots and life vests, and a wait.

They cancelled the dogs, but offered a cheaper package of a low set of glacier flyovers. Nah. A couple from New York said, bait and switch. They didn't get us dressed up without knowing that the weather on the glacier had turned. When I think about it, they're right: they were hoping we'd stay. Instead, several of us left, several stayed.

I might get the doggies...tomorrow! We'll see. Tomorrow in Skagway.