Machine Intelligence

This week, the computers are sick of me. What did I say? Last weekend, my fiancee and I came into the office to print something on our color printer. There are no drivers for OS X that work over the network with a shared Epson C80, so we used my officemate's machine. We boot it into OS 9.2: it crashes. I reboot my machine into 9. It crashes. We reboot my officemate's machine again; the mouse stops working. The machine to which the color printer is attached crashes. Reboot, reboot, reboot. Finally get it working.

But the computers talk to each other. In the wee hours this morning, the aging beeping (because of heat) box that runs gave up the ghost. It knew its time was coming: I'd bought a bigger, fancier case with five fans, and two AMD 1.6 GHz P5-like processors. Ah, yes, my pretty. So it gave up last night. All of today, since about 9 am, spent getting the new case to work (hadn't solved that problem yet), discovering that one of the two CPUs won't work with the current Linux installation I have, finding the backup tape wouldn't restore, figuring out that I had to reboot then immediately restore from tape, and then finding out the first restore didn't overwrite files that needed to be replaced.

I'd better buy the rest of the machines some candy. Was it the 90-degree days last week that caused all this mishegas?