Symbol of Hubris Collapses, Creates Dotcom Metaphor

No, not another blog entry on Worldcom, but rather a link to my review of employee Mike Daisey's book on his experience. Regular blog readers know that I admire Daisey's transformation of a chaotic and insane experience into a hilarious one-man show (which I plan to see the off-Broadway version of during Macworld Expo in about three weeks). The book is quieter, but not gentler, and more wry and amusing than wrenchingly funny. There's more insight in the book than the play: the play is written for farce, the book for some reflection.

The symbol of hubris? The Kingdome. Not yet paid for, following an $80 million renovation, we blew the thing up. I mean blew the thing in. (Opposite of an explosion's boom? An implosion's "mooooob.") Daisey times the end of the book with watching the giant sucking sound from's HQ using his defunct corporate ID.