Shred before reading

I've often joked about plugging the output of a fax machine's paper tray into a shredder. Fortunately, I can stop worrying about that because got hit with a super-sized fine by the FCC for oodles of junk faxing. Junk faxing is illegal, which has got to be one of the most pro-consumer, coolest laws on the book. I wonder how it ever got passed? The same law spells out the guidelines and penalties for calling people without a prior business relationship.

For a while, I was getting piles of junk faxes at the office (a few a week, but a lot for our office which gets a fax now and again), and a number of unsolicited phone queries -- often starting, "Hello. You don't know me but I represent a multi-billion-dollar business." Those are all clearly Herbalife resellers (read about taking down their signs).

In the last few weeks, though, junk faxes have stopped and the last few months -- no weird phone calls. I wonder if the FCC and the various attorneys general finally put enough fear of penalty and prosecution into the scammers of the world.