Me Me Meme

I've become part of a meme: a new site named references my decision to take sponsorships as part of their announcement. I was also one of the crass folks who started taking money way back in 1995 when I was trying to figure out how to run my business Point of Presence Company while investing 5 to 20 hours per week running the Internet Marketing Discussion List (archives live on).

Back then, I asked for voluntary donations, which people paid via CyberCash (long gone at least in that form -- what did they become?), if I remember right, and possibly via First Virtual Corporation (long gone). So now, to fund my Wi-Fi blog, I, uh, ask for donations -- but more efficiently via the Honor System and looks like a must-stop-every-day site. They're also smart from the outset: items are linked via affiliate programs, so if they're popular, they'll fund through downstream sales.