Nun Blog

My college classmate Stephanie Simon writes in the LA Times (reprinted in the Seattle Times [no registration needed!]) about a contemplative order of Carmelite nuns in Indiana who have employed an ad agency, pro bono, and the Web to reach out with their thoughts, as part of their efforts to bring in novitiates and perpetuate the mission of the monastery they built with bulldozers and their own two hands in younger days:

The heart of the site is the News Perspective page, where sisters post essays about current events � from famine in Eritrea to pedophilia in the church, from corporate scandals to the temper of basketball coach Bobby Knight. "It's like we're raising our antenna, so if someone out there has a calling to this life and is raising her own antenna, we might be able to communicate," said Sister Terese Boersig, 69.

Yes, they're blogging, and it's beautiful.