Is It Coulter's 15 Minutes Yet?

Ann Coulter is one of the most repulsive media figures to ever emerge, dripping, from the slime pit of venom and hatefulness that creates mass-market screamers. Despite the fact that everything she says is coated with hostility, she maintains that conservatives are the nicest people around (I don't make a distinction on ideology for whether people are good, bad, nice, or nasty), and that liberals deserve a lesson or two.

After September 11, she said we should bomb Afghanistan into the ground, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. A conservative Jewish publication had that column posted online for a few hours before they realized what it said. She later claimed she was using rhetoric, but it didn't sound like allegory to me.

In some of her worst comments recently, she promoted the notion that the New York Times building should have been blown up by Timothy McVeigh. Every time I read that, I think, it must have been misquoted. But, no, she said it, and she meant it. The Wall Street Journal's execrable, craven editorial opinion page defended her in a variety of inane ways that don't even hold up to basic logical analysis.

But Howard Alterman puts a number of nails in the coffin of this undead talking head: Coulter jokes about McVeigh blowing up the Times, and the Wall Street Journal--which was blown up by terrorists on September 11--rushes to her defense. Their man, Daniel Pearl, was murdered by terrorists in Pakistan. Have they no shame? At long last, have they no sense of decency left?.

Unfortunately, the words that helped destroy Joe McCarthy are as ineffective as tinfoil bullets against a werewolf. We hoped and prayed it would work, but they just bounce off, as she marauds on.