SonicBlue's New CEO Speaks the Shibboleths

I was happy to read this interview with SonicBlue's new CEO, Greg Ballard. In the interview, he speaks the shibboleths, meaning that he says the right words (although does he mean them?) to be part of our club. Those of us who joined the suit against the media companies suing SonicBlue about ReplayTV should get a boost from his remarks.

It's clear he's hedging on the restrictions about sending programs from one ReplayTV to another. This is part of our case, that the studios and other copyright holders can't preemptively disallow the exercise of fair-use rights because some users might violate copyright through this technology. However, Ballard's remarks indicate how he hopes to find a middle ground that doesn't offer absolute sovereignty to either side. We'll see how that works out.

But he defends Commercial Advance, one of ReplayTV's great features. I'm sure it causes networks and advertisers to shudder when I say that I don't watch 99 percent of the commercials, but, of course, I used to mute or leave the room when commercials came on, anyway.

ReplayTV has retrained me in a couple of odd ways, too: I try to pause the radio now ... why doesn't that button work! ... and I'm not sure how to operate a TV when I'm in somebody else's home.