Sending 10 million email messages? $500. Getting caught? Priceless.

The Seattle Times reports (via AP) that a judge has produce a summary judgement of nearly $100,000 against the first person convicted of sending spam that violates Washington State's excellent rules regarding UCE.

Story within a story: My friend Adam Engst was one of the first people to bring suit against a spammer in Washington, but the spammer ran and hid. It stopped the spam (Bullseye Gold), but TidBITS spent $3,000 and was never able to retrieve the money. The fellow who had the judgement against him today apparently only made a few hundred dollars from his spam, but other folks will have deeper pockets.

Story about a story: The last time I posted a link about spam and Washington State, I linked to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. I write freelance for the Seattle Times. My editor actually reads blogs, and gave me some polite ribbing about linking to the competition. He gets it -- hi, Mark! -- and thus this time, even though it's just an AP story, I linked to my home base.