You Can't Spell Pneumonia without P.U.

So I have pneumonia. Great. I don't feel all that awful, but it explains the slightly bizarre bubbling sound I was getting while breathing in my chest, which can be a symptom of bronchitis (so it was slightly familiar), but the chest X-Rays don't lie. Fortunately, my doctor's practice is a good one, and based on my Saturday afternoon fever of 104, they started me on a good, reliable antibiotic, so I'm already on the mend.Still, geez, I'm in good health, have few risk factors...pneumonia! Ah, well, that's probably why it hasn't seemed so awful. I've heard this from a lot of people when they've had a certain part or system in their body go awry: like ____ ________ and his arterial trauma -- you've got a strong heart, but you could have had a heart attack. Eh? You're healthy and you've got cancer. What? The body has both holistic and reductionist elements to it. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the diagnosis of sleep apnea I'd received, and the machine I sleep with nightly, noting that I was up to three serious illnesses in my life solved by modern medicine. Hey, I just reached four!