A Vote for Malina is a Vote for Moxie!

My friend, Toby Malina, is one of ten finalists in a bizarre Microsoft ad campaign and contest to find "Ms. M.o.x.i.e." This is the Macintosh Business Unit's idea, and actually quite admirable in its own way, promoting the notion of women as powerful, technically sophisticated role models.

Still, the photo of well-regarded fashion designer (and ex-Seinfield girlfriend) Shoshanna Lonstein in a sari sends a mixed Ms. message. She's a Mac-head, though, so that explains her appearance but not, shall we say, her appearance. Okay, she's a fashion designer and can't look frumpy.

So vote for Toby and get her $10,000 cool ones in cash and an iMac! (If you need more incentive to make Toby famous, her intra-family competition is against her brother, Josh Malina, who appeared in The American President, Bulworth, and other films, and on TV is late of Sports Night and a very very short-lived Hank Azaria show. He's an Aaron Sorkin ensemble member.)