Apple Predictions

I rarely predict anything about Apple, because they're too smart and too close-to-the-vest. Nonetheless, I joined a bunch of colleagues in mild speculation for Macworld magazine about 2003's most likely outcomes. I failed to state something that Adam Engst brought up: it's very likely that Apple will have a new AirPort card and Base Station by mid-2003 that supports at least 802.11a and 802.11b, with a high likelihood of upgradable firmware support for 802.11g or possibly even support for the draft standard. If Apple fails to do this, they lose their corporate advantage for laptops. Also, I predict that at Macworld San Francisco next week, Steve Jobs will announce new version of crappy iCal (which could be fantastic with minor changes, including fixing the sluggishness) and iSync (which mostly works but needs to be finalized). [Minutes after writing the above: Apple released iCal 1.0.1 and iSync 1.0 this morning.]