Results of My Macworld Predictions

My major correct prediction appears in this month's Macworld magazine: the integration of several of its iApps with each other. It makes perfect sense that each program should play on the strength of the others. Apple's new kickass presentation software, Keynote, doesn't appear to have this integration (yet), unfortunately, which would be helpful.

My scorecard: USB 2.0? No. But 800 Mbps FireWire (twice as fast as current FireWire) in just the 17-inch PowerBook G4. AirPort 3.0 dual-band a+b or g? No, but Apple did unveil AirPort Extreme, which is plain 802.11g and Jobs said 802.11a is doomed to failure. He might be right for consumer purposes, but business will use 802.11a for particular purposes. More Apple software? Final Cut Express, Keynote, both new packages, plus revisions of iDVD, iMovie, and iPhoto. Faster, cheaper, bigger? Okay, we got faster and bigger, and sorta cheaper. No XServe or PowerMac announcements. Quark for X? No! A big surprise. They have a version they're showing around, and Jobs actually knocked them indirectly. Combo Drive everywhere? Nope!

My score is pretty low!