Blogging is a Movable Feast

I've joined the Movable Type club. I installed MT a few weeks ago to launch an AirPort wireless Web log and found it to be a breeze to install. I already had MySQL running, so it was trivial to have it use that database system. Setting up the entire thing went so well that I helped my office Jeff Carlson by spawning a new blog under the same setup.I've been reading the documentation for a couple of weeks about exporting Greymatter blogs in a way that Movable Type could import them, and wasn't sure if I was ready for the move. But I like MT so much that I had to take the leap. I shouldn't have feared it. It took about five minutes to reformat the templates in Greymatter into a fashion that Movable Type could import. The import operation took a few tries as I wasn't setting all the permissions correctly, and I had to reset some of my Apache Web server configurations. Now I'm set up. All the old comments migrated. All the archives created themselves. Nifty.