Seattle Times Sports Blog Launches

I'm going to take a tiny bit of credit for the Seattle Times sports blog that launches today. I've been very unofficially offering some input to my long-time friend and colleague in charge of online content there, and put some fire to notions already floating around about blogs at the paper by raving about them. And raving.The sports blog is a great way to start: it combines the excitement and immediacy of a live event without the overhead of attention required by a reader to watch unedited footage or listen to unedited audio. It's not like a summary or analysis of the game, but more like what it's like to be there. I hope that this kind fo idea continues to spread. One of the problems at any modern newspaper is having the people resources, not technical resources, to make sure that a product can be put online that has the accuracy and quality of what goes into print. That's a large task. As breezy as bloggers like me like to be, or as rigorous as I fact check my own material, the gap between my Wi-Fi Networking News blog and a Seattle Times blog is liability, authoritativeness, and...liability. Did I mention liability? A paper has much more at stake because of its bigger footprint. I don't say that print publications or mainstream Web publications have more credibility than I do, but I do say they have more at stake. (Note another Movable Type site, too. MT could easily integrate with the Times's existing data operations.)