US Out of North American

When I drive by "No War in Iraq" signs, I have some ambivalence about giving them the thumbs up. I don't want to go to war by my nature. I don't want children of any country buried in unmarked graves in lands far from home or sent home in body bags.But Saddam is one of the most destabilizing forces in the world right now. So is George Bush. I've thought if the signs said, "Disarm Bush and Saddam through International Cooperation," I might be honking madly. I can't support the war as it's been laid out, or, in fact, war at all in this case since we're opposed to the dictator not the people. But I also can't wipe away Saddam's blame along with several other key countries (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Paraguay, etc.) that are part of the connection of money, people, and opportunity that have led to the state of terrorism in the world. I didn't elect Bush. We didn't elect Bush. And he's taking Reagan's legacy -- of all things to have to praise the Great Communicator -- and his father's and Clinton's and squandering it. Thank God for Jimmy Carter and his essay today. Could you ever imagine France, Germany, and Russia standing shoulder to shoulder over avoiding a military action? Three nations that have spilt more blood on each other's territory than possibly any others in history are all agreed. The moral imperative is to continue to remove Saddam, to push for dismantling the means by which terrorism spreads even among our so-called allies, and to not engage in international war crimes ourselves.