In the 32 or so hours since I posted this, we had 200 Gb or approximately 10,000 downloads of Real World Adobe GoLive 6. If one half of one percent of those people, or 50 folks, buy a copy of the book through Amazon.com then we might just pay our bandwidth bill (50 times $4.50 = $200).The files were located at a Level 3 co-located server run by a friend, and he pays a small monthly fee based on 95 percent of the time running at 1 Mbps or less. We ran at 20 Mbps on average yesterday. I have no idea what the bill will be! $200? $2,000? Part of the experiment. We may have to go shake a can and ask for $1 or $2 bandwidth donations (please!). Adobe may host the book -- still working on that -- reducing future bandwidth. I'm not sorry at any price that I did this (well, at $20,000 I would be). But it's yet another part of the puzzle.