Dark Days (Selfishly)

Even while war rages in Iraq, I'm selflishly wallowing in some bad times. They're only financial. No lives lost. No health damaged. No relationships severed. (If anything, tying myself tighter to others).A small backyard sewer repair and oil-tank project ballooned from $7,500 to as much as $25,000. A plan to give away Real World Adobe GoLive 6 as a free PDF might cost me $5,000 to $15,000 in bandwidth charges because of, well, too much interest in the book. Which hasn't sold very well in print. Hence the giveaway. And today's my birthday. I had a superb meal last night at a restaurant at which we know the regular chef -- she sent off endless amounts of delicious food. Really improved my mood. Today, I move forward at the beginning of my 35th year. I try to empathetic, expanding my consciousness outward to think about the folks battling not in my name in Iraq, while hoping that the outcome is swift and improves the Iraqi people's lot. And our own. All together now: it's only money. (And, P.S., my house has a lot of equity in it and interest rates are low. I'll get through it.)