Warped 12-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4s?

I'm working on a review of the new Apple 12-inch aluminum PowerBook G4s. The unit Apple sent me to review warped slightly on the top right front after a few weeks of using it. It's clearly a warp, not a hinge problem.A colleague pointed me to archives at Macintouch in which readers report their first-person experiences with either units they've had that have warped on the top and/or bottom, and walking into Apple Stores with obviously well-used 12-inch models that show warping. Here's the problem. I don't want to report that the PowerBook warps. That's unfair. I have about 10 accounts and my personal experience. That's anecdotal. As a journalist, I can't make an assumption about hardware based on that little information. It's unlikely that unless Apple planned a recall and case replacement or other substantial move, or they acknowledged that a specific run of cases had a flaw, that there will be a way to gather comprehensive information on a statistical level. So I ask the community: anyone have any ideas about either confirming or rejecting that warping is widescale? anyone have suggestions on how to cover this? Of course, I may chart my own course, but it seems irresponsible for me to not report my first-person experience. Apple is sending me a replacement unit to look at. We'll see what it does.