Emerging Tech Takeaways

The big messages at EtCon in order of importance (most to least).1. Swarms/social modeling. Groups follow rules. Failure to accept the fact that groups follow rules guarantees failure because regardless of your personal view of reality, groups follow rules. Anticipating group behavior allows you to create rules that can mitigate, not eliminate emergent patterns. 2. ____ ______ (his absence, his politics, his force-of-nature personality, his influence). I suggested putting an empty chair next to Chris DeBona at the Journalism BOF on Wednesday night because his presence was so palpable. 3. Technorati rocks, but bloggers rule. 4. Those who forget the past are condemned to rewrite it. 5. Google! Google! And a triple! 6. Web services has reached overhype, but its influence and deployment grows, just on the downside of the hype curve as its utility increases. My best personal soundbite about my success in achieving Net.fame from WiFiNetNews.com: "I'm following the pheromone of my own ego."