Safari Issues in the Web Page

Dave Hyatt on the Safari team is looking for a top ten list of Safari problems in a limited area via Trackback (a way of tracing links to a blog post on the inbound side).In no particular order: 1. Broken frame linking: Left frame has links that target a center frame. After a few clicks, links in the center frame die (no hand, no loading); links in the left frame can trigger (hand appears over links) but nothing happens. 2. Repeated entry, no storage, of HTTP Auth entries for sites with password protection. Revisiting a page in a new Safari session (after reboot or quitting and running Safari) requires re-entry of user name/password. 3. Non-conforming cookie behavior for international sites. Safari assumes that my site is not a legal second-level domain. International sites are restricted to third-level domains. That is you can set a cookie for, or, but not, which is a legal domain name. Hard to solve that one. Other browsers are more liberal, though. So you can't set, but you can set 4. Switching between tabs with an insertion point in a text field can cause the text field to be selected on its return, making it easy to delete an entry. 5. No Undo for deleting or retyping in field entries. (No other browser does that I know of, but why not Safari?) 6. No import/export of passwords, cookies, etc. across browsers. Why not add to iSync portfolio? Why not allow encrypted export using system admin password for access (messaging, whatever, to encrypt) 7. Proxy bug: when asked for proxy username/password over SSH forwarded port ( -> remote port:8001), I can't check save password without a crash. I must enter each time and then it works fine. 8. FedEx and UPS sites don't print their images correctly: I can't figure this one out, but the lading bills that you can generate via the FedEx and UPS site to print and paste on boxes and documents print at 50 percent of their size on multiple computers of mine on multiple printers. From Internet Explorer 5.2.x, these same images print fine. I only have eight!